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Nft Luxary Real-Estate Case Study

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We deployed a broad strategy aimed at infiltrating specific social media communities and controlling the conversation in order to highlight the utility of the client’s NFTs. This indirect approach proved to be highly effective.

Deep Impact is your key to influencing people through social media communities.

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A well-known luxury real-estate company has built a virtual world where luxury lofts pop-up host special events, was coming out with a limited series of NFTs. These NFTs were meant to give their holders several benefits:

We compiled a detailed file, analyzing each social media platform relevancy to the client’s NFTs. Then narrowed down the strongest communities in each social media platform to achieve the most effective impact.

When the NFT dropped, we infiltrated the strongest groups, using our exclusive tech, and took control over the narrative, giving the voice to the client’s utility.

In order to achieve control over the narrative, we developed a multi-pronged strategy to address the client’s needs on a national scale:



Develop content about the company for tier 1 and tier 2 news publications.

Develop content highlighting the utility in purchasing these specific NFTs.

Produce and distribute videos.


We’ve created in a record time of 45 days, a whitelist of over 20,000 buyers for the first NFT’s collection mint.

Exclusive access to special events which will take place in the virtual pop-up loft, such as virtual concerts, casinos and parties.

Access to an immersive Metaverse which will act as a hub for the community and will support an eCommerce marketplace.
This marketplace will allow members to trade with both existing members and potential joiners and will provide significantly lower fees compared to environments outside of the club.

In addition to trades, the community members will have the benefit of swapping SVC based coins with very low fees.

Exclusive DeFi investment opportunities in the Metaverse.

Passive income generation by holding NFTs in the company’s crypto wallet. 50% of the earned commission, generated on the platform, will return to the NFT owners as rewords on airdrops.