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We're looking for an analyst 

The job requires:
- Using automated tools to extract data, and performing analysis
- Developing a set of insights within the Web3 and crypto ecosystems
- Using statistical tools to identify, analyze, and interpret patterns, trends, and audience segments
- Developing and maintaining databases, reorganizing data in a readable format
- Analyzing local, national, and global trends that impact the web3 industry
- Preparing reports for management stating trends, patterns, and predictions

Analyst Requirements:
- 3-5 years of proven working experience in data analysis
- Experience in researching, writing, data, mining, and segmentation
- A strong familiarity with blockchain platforms and ecosystems
- Accuracy and attention to detail and a strong desire to deliver a high-quality product
- Experience with Google Analytics (added bonus)
- A positive and solution-oriented mindset
- The ability to work in a fast-paced environment
- The ability to handle multiple projects concurrently

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